Macbeth has been told a  prophecy and he is happy and confused about what they have said. They said until the woods move  to a hill he will be inviserball. And they also told him about mucduff. They said mucduff has fled to England to start a war on Macbeth. “Time, thou anticipated my dream […]

My book start’s with  a boy called jinx and his family has been killed by fairy tale monsters . He has a horrible step mom and dad they always make him do the house work. So now they have a baby and the step dad whent to leave him in the woods but then they come across a wizard and he buys jinx and that’s where I am at.

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I think that Macbeth has been confused about the woods ptiferces

Lenox and Lord are speaking about the murders and they think that Macbeth has killed them.

.Lenox and Lord has been torking about mucduff is going to start a war.

Hecerty is angry because she knows what the witches has done to Macbeth they made him crazy because of they told him the future and now she has to mend it.

Macbeth see banqo’s ghost at an important banquet and freaks out and everybody thinks that he has gone mad.

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